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In Arenas Valley just off Hwy 180 - map
21 Kirkland Road, Silver City, NM 88061


Telephone: (575) 388-1236
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Better Business Bureau
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Volkswagen & Chevy Repairs & Service

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50+ Years Of Experience & 25 years of ownership in same location

After I Graduated from Auto Electric Tech in Agen, France in 1956, I came to the USA and worked in my uncle's garage in Bellevue, Nebraska for 2 years. I joined the US Marine Corps in December 1958, went to Boot Camp in MCRD in San Diego, California. Chris Malacrea When I came out of the service, I worked many years for independent garages and dealers; for Datsun/ Nissan Toyota GM, GMC and VW. I was a licensed smog, lights and brakes inspector in California from 1956 to 1979. I have extensive experience as a Tune Up Tech, Shop Foreman, Team Captain, Service Manager and Parts Manager. 


I moved to Silver City in 1979. In the Silver City area I worked for GM, VW and Nissan. I opened my own shop in 1985 with an apprentice. My shop has got a good name in this town and I get lots of great references from many good customers. I'm very happy here. Everybody calls me Chris, And that is good enough for me. I will be glad to help anyone if I can.