This is Pearl

Love that Kiddy

he  say  (come on Daddy, let's go in and eat)

Pearl's Story

I miss this little guy so much 

He was so nice, when he was little he always love me, but since he was a male cat, he was getting beat-up by other male Cats and used to be real scare sometime, I had to defend him and give him confidence.
As he got older he got bigger and real cute, one day a big Black Male cat came over and Pearl confront him, 
They were like 2 boxers, but Pearl won and from that day on, he was the King
He was such nice cat, always let the Lady cat eat first, play with his Sister and sometime just let they other know that he was the boss

He always be looking at me at the shop and wait for me to close the shop to come home with me and was always so happy to be with me, we play so much, a little rough sometime but he love it
He always sleep in my bedroom and was always there when I got up

I sure miss the little guy, he was so strong and run like a horse and fast
I do have good memories of him and I know in my heart that I try my best to save him

He died close to where he sleep in is house, and I know that if there is a heaven for cat he will be there

<<<will Always Love you And Miss You PEARL>>> 

my little pal

If Heaven exists for cats above,
All the feline angels call you there with love."
~ Author Unknown ~